Weekend Brunch
Saturdays and Sundays



PASTICCERIA pastries : 4
(baked in house daily)

1. choose your pastry

cornetti stuffed italian-style croissants
bomboloni fried sweet dough rolls

2. choose your filling

crema vanilla custard
nutella hazelnut cocoa
pistacchio pistachio custard

arance e cannella orange & cinnamon jam
fragole e prosecco strawberry and prosecco jam
panna whipped cream

CHEESE WHEEL PASTA Weekly Brunch Special

check our instagram post @lovemonello for the wheel pasta of the week


cornetto con frittata homemade croissant stuffed with a zucchini and fontina cheese omelette, side of roasted potatoes, and a bombolone of your choice : 14 

cornetto al san daniele homemade croissant stuffed with prosciutto San Daniele and mozzarella cheese, side of roasted potatoes, and a bombolone of your choice : 14

croissant sandwich homemade croissant stuffed with bacon, spinach, fontina cheese, and a sunny side up egg, side of roasted potatoes : 17

frittata monello baked omelette of three eggs, parma prosciutto, fontina, zucchini, side salad : 14

polenta e uova yellow corn meal polenta, mortadella, two sunny side up eggs, fontina, side salad : 14

monello eggs benedict prosciutto cotto, pesto hollandaise, fontina, side salad, side of roasted potatoes : 15

rainbow eggs benedict prosciutto cotto, 3 hollandaise favors: pesto, mushroom and arrabbiata,
side of roasted potatoes : 17

brunch pizza cheese sauce, bacon, spinach, two eggs : 17

patate al salto roasted potatoes, local sausage, five cheese sauce, three eggs over easy, side salad : 14

omelette bianca egg white omelette, with grilled seasonal vegetables, fontina cheese, and a side of roasted potatoes : 15

brunch piadina rolled bites of traditional italian flatbread filled with eggs, applewood smoked bacon & fontina cheese, arrabbiata sauce, side of roasted potatoes : 14

monello yogurt fresh berries, granola, honey : 12

ricotta pancakes three pancakes, orange ricotta cheese, fresh berries, maple syrup : 13

panettone french toast three slices of panettone, toasted almonds, maple syrup, whipped cream : 13


applewood bacon : 4

roasted potatoes : 4

spinach : 5

sausage : 4

fresh fruit : 5

chicken sausage : 4

1 egg any style : 3

2/3 eggs any style :  5 | 8

1 pancake : 5

2 pancakes : 9 


raspa dura : 4

goat cheese : 4

applewood bacon : 3

spinach : 3

sausage : 3

mushroom : 3

tomatoes : 3 


Brunch Beverages

mimosa sparkling wine with choice of juice: orange, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate : 8 glass | 25 carafe

rock & twist homemade sweet vermouth on the rocks with an orange twist : 10

ore di sole homemade sweet vermouth, aperol, lime, orange juice & soda, topped with gran marnier : 11

sbagliato homemade sweet vermouth, campari & prosecco : 10

italian-irish coffee shot of illy espresso, frangelico & kahlua, topped with whipped cream & nutmeg : 10

caprese bloody mary vodka & tomato juice, topped with fresh mozzarella caprese skewer : 9

piccante bloody mary vodka & tomato juice, topped with spicy calabrese salame, pecorino, & olive skewer: 11