Monello brings you authentic Italian cuisine inspired by modern Milanese street fare.

Milanese Aperitivo

Milanese Aperitivo

Voted Best Happy Hour 2014 & 2016! Complimentary plates with the purchase of a beer, wine, or cocktail 4 - 7pm every day. The selection changes daily. Bar and patio only. Also available for private event.

Farmer's Brunch


Italy wakes up in San Diego every weekend with "colazione"; authentic Italian breakfast with homemade pastries, breads, jams and specialty plates. Come and enjoy Italian revision of American classics.

Pasta & Risotto in the Cheese Wheel

PASTA & risotto in the CHEESE Wheel

 Pasta on Tuesday nights, Risotto on Wednesday nights: each week we serve a different pasta or risotto dish, cooked for a few minutes in a 40lb. half-wheel of cheese. The cheese melts into a creamy sauce as the pasta & risotto are stirred. Served tableside.

Sweet Vermouth On Tap

Sweet vermouth on Tap

An Italian tradition from the 1700's that inspired some of the most notable cocktails in history. Housemade with locally-sourced produce and a secret blend of roots, bark, botanicals, and herbs.

Hand Cut Prosciutto

Hand cut prosciutto

Our hand-cut Prosciutto di Parma is cut straight from the leg and we cut every slice to order. Hand slicing allows you to appreciate the centuries of ancient tradition behind Prosciutto di Parma.

Fresh Pasta Made Daily

Fresh Pasta made daily

We know pasta. Nothing beats a handmade pasta and Monello produces over 800 lbs of 100% organic fresh pasta weekly. Once you have our pasta, you can never go back to dried pasta again.

Raspa Dura Cheese

Raspa Dura cheese

Monello is the only place in the country to enjoy a cone of raspa dura flakes, shaved to order off our 75 lb cheese wheel. This soft and sweet cheese is imported straight from Bella Lodi Farms near Milan.